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Charles Nader at the Health conference

Charles Nader at the Public Health conference during the “Dialoguemos México” event

Yesterday, our CEO, Charles Nader, was invited to the Anáhuac University, North Campus to talk about the innovative technology of the upcoming medical blockchain, called Lifechain, and the free health care services doc.com offers.

The Anáhuac University hosted the event “Dialoguemos México”, a cycle of Round-table discussions where business owners, entrepreneurs, politicians, journalists and many other important people join the students and faculty to talk about how to improve the future of the country and the whole world.

The Anáhuac University is recognized as one of the biggest universities in Mexico due to its high educational quality and its evolving school programs. The university’s goal is to help students improve themselves and make leaders that will take positive actions in order to create a better future.

Through these conferences, the students can learn more about new rising businesses and the services they’re offering, expanding their knowledge in economics, social issues and business opportunities.

Charles Nader hosted the “Mexican Healthcare System: Where are we going?” conference. He was joined by the Public Health Secretary, Dr. Jorge Alcocer Varela; former Chairwoman of the Mexican Public Health Society, Dr. Lourdes Motta Murguía; former Public Health Secretaries, Dr. José Narro Robles and Dr. Julio Frenk Mora; the University’s faculty and students. He presented doc.com apps: docHealth and docEmotions, two free healthcare services where users contact a doctor or a psychologist through videocall for free 24/7.

People were amazed by both services and the easy access to healthcare they provide. Students considered this the next step in healthcare service due to the rising number of people using smartphones all over the country.

Charles Nader also talked about the revolutionary blockchain that will contain medical, psychological and biological data gathered from the free services provided by docHealth and docEmotions apps: the Lifechain. Doc.com is building the biggest medical database in the world. It can be accessed by anyone using doc.com Medical Token Currency (MTC, soon to be swapped to D Coin). The Lifechain data will help Universities, researchers, pharmaceutical labs and anyone who needs statistical medical data to develop new and more efficient medicines, procedures and vaccines that will improve healthcare all around the world.

Charles Nader explained the use and benefits that the cryptocurrency’s technology provides to the healthcare system. One of the most important social issues that the Mexican society is facing is the limited access to free healthcare. Doc.com offers a reliable solution that is now helping not only the Latin-American community but thousands of people from all around the world.

SOURCE: https://doc.com/2019/04/30/charles-nader-at-the-dialoguemos-mexico-conference-cycle/